Verity Lark Mysteries

A Regency Cozy Series

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A Lark’s Tale
Book 1

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A Lark’s Flight
Book 2

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A Lark’s Conceit
Book 3

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A Lark’s Release
Book 4

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"It is all a great tangle."

Here, to help you unravel the knot, are the books in the Beatrice Hyde-Clare universe in chronological order of events:​

A Brazen Curiosity (Bea)
A Scandalous Deception (Bea)
An Infamous Betrayal (Bea)
A Nefarious Engagement (Bea)
A Treacherous Performance (Bea)
A Sinister Establishment (Bea)
A Boldly Daring Scheme (Flora)
A Ghastly Spectacle (Bea)
A Malevolent Connection (Bea)
An Ominous Explosion (Bea)
A Lark's Tale (Verity)
An Extravagant Duplicity (Bea)
A Lark's Flight (Verity)
A Murderous Tryst (Bea)
A Lark's Conceit (Verity)
A Vicious Machination (Bea)
A Lark’s Release (Verity)

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